Urban Utopias
Field Recordings and Compositions from the Built Environment

Engineering Action
Croke Park Conference Centre, April 2007








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Urban Utopias audio CD
Published by Farpoint Recordings and Engineers Ireland

1/ retracing steps 2/ street field 3/ voyaging 4/ valve 5/ powerstation two 6/ junction 7/ ghost signal

This CD contains tracks representing some of the field recordings and compositions featured in the exhibition 'Urban Utopias' and an essay by Jay Roche.

More recently the contemporary philosopher John Gray suggests we need to look beyond the aspirational hopes of Modernism and look again at what it is to exist on this planet. We are so blinded by progressthet we do not know who we are. He goes on to explain that "by enlarging human power, science has generated the illusion that humanity can take charge of his destiny. Borne along on a flood of invention, the modern world believes it has left the past behind."

from Urban Utopias, Jay Roche, April 2007

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